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Subject Intent

At the heart of Manor Oak's Mathematics teaching is problem solving and reasoning, which is aided by being a partner school with Mathematics Mastery. This partnership ensures that all lessons focus on encouraging children to recognise relationships within number; to conjecture and investigate; to explore mathematical concepts through the use of manipulative and to encourage a love and enjoyment of Maths as a subject. Manor Oak uses the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) approach, whereby Maths is explored through use of physical objects, represented by clear diagrams and moving on to numerical representations. 

Mathematical vocabulary is pivotal in all lessons, with 'star words' being specifically explored and used by all children. Manor Oak's aim is that all children are working on their year group objectives, where further support is needed to achieve this aim, intervention is put into place. Maths enjoyment is actively promoted across the school. Participation in local and national competitions, such as My Money Week and London Maths Week, seeks to heighten Maths as a subject across the school.

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