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Values, Vision, Ethos

Manor Oak’s Values, Vision and Ethos has been produced collaboratively by Children, Local Committee Members and Staff.

Our School Values:






At Manor Oak, children are central to everything we provide and we are extremely proud of our diverse and unique community.

Our ethos is to provide rich experiences, an inclusive and nurturing environment alongside a high-quality learning experience. We adopt a holistic approach to education, focusing upon the academic, emotional and social development of the child.

Our co-created vision is:

  • Have high expectations within appropriate learning challenge
  • Foster an environment conducive to the learning experience
  • Ensure children progress and achieve to acquire knowledge and skills across the curriculum
  • To provide a rich language and vocabulary that stimulates and expands the learning experience
  • Work to meet National Expectations in Reading, Writing and maths in KS1 and 2
  • Provide an inclusive academic environment where all children can succeed
  • Develop a strong work ethic
  • Raise self-esteem to nurture a strong belief in self
  • Form an interest
  • Want to achieve their best in all they do
  • Strive towards a goal
  • Take a pride in their work
  • Look smart and well presented
  • Are well mannered, respectful and polite


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