At Manor Oak Primary School, we aim to achieve that our school has above 96% attendance, so that we meet the expected national average.

The School Day

8.30am    Gates open

8.45am    Registration

8.50am    Gates close

3.15pm    End of school day

The importance of School Attendance

The school day starts at 8.45am so it is important not to be late.

It is important that everyone works together to help children obtain the best possible start in life with a good education. Parents should work in partnership with the school, notifying the school of the reason for any of their child’s absences and highlighting any areas of concern they may have so they can be addressed promptly.

Miss School....Miss Out! Please click here to find out why School Attendance is so important. 

DfE Attendance Matters Parent Guide

Our Attendance Policy

Our Attendance Policy is that we monitor pupil’s attendance daily, you will receive a phone call if you haven’t reported your child absent. Parents will be kept informed by way of a letter of their child’s % attendance if it starts to drop. If they have further days of absence they receive a letter inviting them in for a meeting.

The EWO (Bromley Education Welfare Officer) will become involved if your child’s attendance falls in to persistent absence (below 90%).

Bromley Educational Welfare Service

Our School Attendance is monitored and supported by Bromley Local Authority Educational Welfare Service. Our LA Attendance Guidelines, Support for Parents, and more information can be found here.

Department for Education

We follow the guidance provided by the Department of Education.

DfE School Attendance Guidance