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British Values

Aspire, Challenge, Empower

Our school motto, Aspire, Challenge, Empower promotes the philosophy of British Values so that children have a desire to better improve their lives, to have the confidence to challenge both themselves and others in their learning and their attitudes and to be empowered citizens through asserting their own needs developing healthy attitudes and taking responsibility and ownership for their lives. Our school serves a diverse community and we take a responsibility to provide opportunities for children that generate respect for difference and tolerance of other faiths and cultures. This is achieved by having excellent role models and through our rich curriculum where we teach children to understand different faiths and beliefs and how these have shaped our modern day Britain. Children are taught to behave well and abide by rules using our detailed behavioural policy as a vehicle to achieve this. The ‘rule of law’ is reinforced with our links with the local police and fire services. We aspire to direct children to generate a vision of a working life and how to make positive personal and social contributions. The active school council together create a voice for pupils to generate fairness and change within school.


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