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Year 1

Going to work!


Instead of earning points during the week, Miss Berry exchanged our points for money. For every point we earned we were given 1p.


Miss Berry also gave us all a job. We all became factory workers for the afternoon where we earned money ....just like going to work!

There were consequences for bad behaviour, poor workmanship or being late as Miss Berry would deduct our wages. However, we earned a bonus if our work was fast and of a high standard.


Each job earned a different amount of money. Miss Berry was kind enough to let us all have a go at the job in the factory. At the end of our shift we had the opportunity to save our money in the bank and earn interest or spend our money there and then on sweets.


At the end of the week, we added up our money. If we decided to save our wages from work, Miss Berry gave us interest and withdrew our money from the bank to spend at Receptions cake sale.


What a busy week we had!



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