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Writing at Manor Oak

Writing at Manor Oak begins with a focus on fine motor skills, which are key in building the muscles needed to become effective writers. This moves on to utilisation of phonic knowledge, to write letters and words that match their spoken sounds, which soon develops into composing and noting down simple sentences. Our focus on exposing children to as many familiar texts as possible, helps to ensure that children are able to remember and use some of the literary language. 


When they enter KS1, familiar tales such as, 'Red Riding Hood' are learned, story-mapped and written to help build stamina and familiarity with texts. Children are encouraged to punctuate their writing and extend their sentences through the use of co-ordinating conjunctions. Within year 2, writing is encouraged for a greater variety of purposes e.g. to entertain and to inform, which in turn, ensures a coverage of longer writing across several subjects. In particular, the children enjoy using their historical knowledge of the Great Fire of London to influence their writing. 


Building on this strong start, children within KS2 are taught how to write for different purposes, including: writing to discuss and writing to persuade, as well as those covered within KS1. Alongside this, children are exposed to the types of grammar, vocabulary and punctuation that would be applicable to the purpose for which they write. By the end of key stage 2, the aim is that children are able to make deliberate choices within their writing according to the purpose and audience. Writing choices are taken from Power of Reading texts, which are studied closely within classes. Children look carefully at literary language used by authors and the effect that these choices have. 


Editing checklists are used for longer pieces of writing to encourage children to take ownership and be familiar with the requirements for their writing. ‚Äč