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Summer Term 2016

Welcome back to school year 2, we hope you had lots of Easter fun and enjoyed the holidays.


This term we will be covering two topics: Intrepid Explorers and Africa.


Intrepid Explorers

For the first half of the Summer term, some of the things we will be looking at are:

*Science - Animals including humans and life cycles. Our key Scientist will be David


*Geography - Around the world, finding treasure!

*History - Intrepid explorers

*Art - Junk Modelling

*D.T - Levers: Pirate boats and where food comes from

*R.E - Why are some things special?

*PSCHE - Family and friends


We also hope to visit The maritime museum in Greenwich.



For the second half term , we will be looking at Africa.

*Science - Plants. Our Key scientists will be Charles Darwin and Barbara McClintock.

*Geography - Africa and weather in the U.K

*Computing - We are researchers

*Art - African Art

*D.T - Mask making and African food

*R.E - Christianity


These are just some of the things we will be learning about this term. For a more detailed explanation of all our lessons for the Summer term, please click on the link below to view our curriculum.