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Reception Class

Reception Class


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Once children enter Reception Class, they begin to build on their developing academic, social, emotional and physical development. The curriculum is play-based and children are actively involved in talking about their experiences, sharing their ideas, learning both co-operatively and independently and celebrating their achievements with their friends and teachers.

As their skills develop they become more confident and independent learners. Challenging and inspiring tasks offer cooperative, caring and positive environments. Opportunities in Reception encourage a sound knowledge and understanding of concepts such as number and shape along with a constant strengthening of key personal, social and emotional skills, including independence, conīŦdence, self motivation, concentration, turn-taking and sharing.

We create an exciting and enabling environment both indoors and outside which encourages development of early investigative thinking.

Children have access to a large outside area throughout the day and the learning opportunities continue. They can explore the Mud Kitchen, use climbing equipment, take part in gardening, develop their gross motor skills with P.E equipment as well as activities which create our outdoor classroom.

Children's progress is assessed through observations and assessments. Each child has a learning journal which shows their developmental journey throughout the year.

We believe that language is a vital part of the children's progress and small group work takes place to ensure that our children are confident talkers and communicators.

We encourage parents to be involved in their children's education through small home learning tasks which includes reading, word recognition and computer based maths and literacy activities.