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In Reception class, we actively encourage reading at all stages to help develop children's understanding, language and communication skills. This can be from sharing and discussing simple picture books to helping children to look for simple familiar words and sounds that they have learnt.


*The children will bring home a library book every Tuesday for you to share with them and return the following week. You can help your child by discussing things that they can see in the pictures, asking questions using why?, who?, where? and what? This all helps to develop their understanding of language.


*We will also send home a few ‘tricky words’ each week. These are words that are difficult to sound out and need to be learnt by sight. Please could you go through these with your child and help them learn them. Games that you could play to help your child with these words include snap, pairs and lotto.


* Later in the year we will also be sending home reading books (Read and Respond). We ask that you read with your child as often as you can and comment on how your child is finding it. This helps us to ensure that the appropriate books are given.  We will change the books whenever they have finished.  It is helpful if your child has a book bag to carry these in.


*Our school uses Reading Eggs online to help develop and progress your child's reading skills. Once your child joins Manor Oak, they will be given a password to enable them to use the website.