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Reading at Manor Oak


Manor Oak places the highest importance on reading, ensuring that children read every day, in specific lessons, for pleasure and at home. Manor Oak uses a bespoke reading scheme which has been designed to explicitly teach reading strategies to children.


In KS1, highly-trained teaching assistants are assigned groups, with whom they read every afternoon for half an hour. These reading lessons include a focus on vocabulary, recognition of high frequency words and applying reading strategies to texts. The texts that children read, are closely aligned to their phonic ability and planned comprehension questions ensure that fluency and accuracy progresses. 


Within Key Stage 2, half-hourly reading lessons are taught daily, whereby children focus closely on a reading skill and apply this to a variety of texts, such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Children are exposed to plentiful high-quality texts, which both engage and enthuse, and help to widen children's use and control of language, which in turn, feed into their writing. Reading lessons typically involve exploration of a skill, peer-to-peer, individual or group reading and subsequent targeted questions. Where fluency and speed may still be required, intervention is put into place, aided by the PiXL Intervention programme. 


A love for reading is actively encouraged and promoted across Manor Oak. First and foremost, the sharing of texts by all staff within classrooms, assemblies and library time, exposes children to a number of authors and helps to plant a love of books from an early age. Texts are readily available at lunchtimes and staff and children alike are constantly sharing and exploring books together. Reading areas within classrooms encourage discussion about texts and further engage children's interest. 


Reading at home is encouraged through interesting and varied texts, complete with reading records, which allow for parental comments. Reading and phonic workshops are run termly and a parents group reads weekly with children chosen from each class.  School engages parental reading with whole school initiatives such as ‘hear a story read to your child.’

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Reading at Manor Oak