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PE at Manor Oak

At Manor Oak the Physical Education curriculum is core to children’s health, wellbeing and resilience. Physical education provides opportunities for children to be competitive, cooperative and inclusive. As well as this, they learn the importance of strenuous activity in developing strong healthy bodies and how to work together in pairs, small groups and teams.


Through Physical Education we are able to highlight the importance of inclusivity, team work and co-operation , as well as building the children’s confidence and self-belief. Here at Manor Oak , we believe that Physical Education is not only key to improving the children’s physical health, but is key to enhancing their mental wellbeing, particularly following the recent National Lockdowns.

Through out Monthly Miles, we engage the children in exercise with their friends, whilst listening to their favourite songs.


At Manor Oak, we offer a range of sporting activities across the curriculum such as games, dance, fencing, gymnastics, football, tennis, athletics, basketball, cricket, football, touch rugby. Swimming is available to Year Four during the Spring term, which takes place at our local swimming pool. Here the children are taught in small groups by three qualified swimming instructors. 


Our extra -curricular clubs allow children opportunities to further practise and improve skills that they have learnt in P.E sessions, but also have more time to experience sports that they have particularly enjoyed. We also offer boxing and fitness club as an additional after school opportunity, outside of P.E lessons.


PE is delivered by a variety of specialist sports coaches as well as our teachers, who work alongside them to develop their own curriculum skills and knowledge.