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Music at Manor Oak

We all enjoy expressing ourselves, and after a time, mere words are not enough. This is where we should start becoming musicians. Music does not belong to musicians. At Manor Oak we are going to explore in ourselves a talent that lies to a greater or lesser extent in all of us.


At Manor Oak Primary School, every child is a potential music maker. It is our task to ensure that his or her entitlement is fulfilled. If a child’s abilities to perceive the art of music are developed, and he/she is sensitive to its wide range and power of expression, then a lifelong interest could be fostered. By bringing children into contact with the ‘basics’ of music - performing, composing and appraising, the following aims are supported;


  1. To provide a music curriculum which is broad and balanced, and which progressively develops musical skills, concepts and knowledge.
  2. To encourage children to enjoy musical activities and to provide them with the skills and confidence to participate in musical activities with personal satisfaction.
  3. To provide the children with a means of expressing ideas and feeling through sound.
  4. To assist each child to develop a positive self image and self confidence.
  5. To develop insight through music into areas of experience, some of which cannot be easily be verbalised.
  6. To develop an awareness of musical traditions across periods and places.
  7. To promote positive attitudes towards, and enthusiasm for all music in school.
  8. To develop social skills and awareness whilst making music together.

Whole School Djembe Drumming Assembly- February 2020

Bromley Youth Music Trust Lessons