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We understand that there is a great deal to remember in Reception class and hope the information here helps.

Please feel free to speak to any of us about issues that concern you, although we would ask that you do this at the end of the day, rather than when the children are lining up, as the beginning of the day can be very busy and it is important we make a prompt start.


*Times of the day

School begins at 8.50am and finishes at 3.05pm.

Please bring the children into the playground in the mornings and wait with them until the bell goes. The children stand still at the first bell and walk to their class lines when the second bell goes. Staff will bring the children in to school and help them take their coats off. Please say goodbye to them in the playground. At the end of the day please wait on the playground near the decking. The children will be dismissed one by one to a waiting adult. The children’s safety is of paramount importance. If your child needs to go home with another adult please let us know beforehand.