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History at Manor Oak


Manor Oak children study History as a discrete subject where they construct and sequence the past through a chronological narrative. By studying local, British and Ancient Global history children develop a rich understanding and knowledge around events which have impacted and shaped our world from the earliest civilisations to the most powerful empires.


Through engaging lessons, children develop a wide historical vocabulary and understanding of key terms and concepts such as ‘civilisation’ and ‘society’ and historical concepts such as similarity, difference, cause and consequence. Children build knowledge through historical enquiry and questioning.


Where possible, school journeys are linked to historical themes to enrich their experience of learning in history. For example, children visit Horton Kirby where they can role play being a Victorian child and the Horniman Museum where they explore original Egyptian Artefacts.


Year 4 visit The Horniman museum to learn about Ancient Egypt

Year 6's Anderson Shelters, as part of learning about WW2