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Forest School


Hello! My name is Mrs Shambrook and I am the Forest School Leader at Manor Oak Primary School.


Who is Forest School for?

Everyone can benefit from a Forest School. Forest Schools provides a valuable teaching tool for a wide range of curriculum subjects, and is an excellent way to support and enrich the National Curriculum.

All year groups have the opportunity to learn in Forest School- and often have weekly time at Forest School during Friday Golden time.

Classes are taught throughout the Seasons!





What is it like at a Forest School?


The fire circle ‘Base Camp’ is central to all that happens at Forest School. The fire is the focal point for discussing the day's activities and a place for socialising. The activities are always hands-on.

As children becomes more comfortable with living and working in the woodland the programme becomes more learner led, a journey of discovery directed by the children themselves.


Some of the thing’s children can do in forest school include:


  • make a den or shelter
  • leaf/bark rubbing
  • colour matching
  • natural collages
  • sculptures
  • make a story stick
  • shape hunt
  • exploring sound
  • animal prints
  • whittling
  • using tools
  • minibeast hunt
  • painting with natural pigments
  • making perfume
  • hide & seek safety game
  • looking at tree varieties and parts
  • making a map
  • texture hunt
  • make jewellery
  • weaving
  • tying knots
  • bird watching
  • animal homes








Forest School at Manor Oak Primary School