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Long Term Plans
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Staff Intent

Our intention is that every child who joins Manor Oak, experience a broad and balanced curriculum which cumulates towards a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the world that we live in.  

The curriculum is carefully planned to allow children to acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them for a life where they develop a good education and work ethic. We intend that our well sequenced and progressive curriculum provides the building blocks of knowledge for our children to know the benefits of education. Our intention is that the national curriculum expectation is delivered with secure knowledge to children.

Each curriculum area is taught discretely, although links are made to core subjects where appropriate. Long term plans provide an overview for the subjects taught in each area which has accompanying progression and skills documents. These documents build in an appropriate developmental way for children to learn knowledge in a sequenced and coherent fashion. Objectives are suitably adapted to support the needs and interests of the children and ensure an inclusive model. To accompany teaching, support gaps in learning school provide formative assessment, diagnostic packages and carefully designed interventions to inform planning and outcomes.

We intend that all of our children master a good and better command of language and that those who are assessed with language difficulties are provided with tailored and appropriate intervention which enables them to achieve. Language forms a key driver for the children in our school to succeed, from early years to year 6.  It is our intention that all children are exposed to a rich level of vocabulary across the whole curriculum in order that they widen and broaden their knowledge and understanding of language to support them in their future.

School leaders are passionate that the end points for all children are that they read competently via bespoke programmes of study which align with content domains and a broad range of reading texts which cover curriculum subjects, variety of genres, text types and are diverse and inclusive.  Where children exhibit gaps in their phonological/reading knowledge school provide targeted intervention and support outside of the reading lesson. Reading at home/reading for pleasure is actively encouraged.

We are passionate that our children are provided with a broad range of opportunities so they can enhance their experiences and be the best version of themselves. This includes being able to speak confidently, articulately, in public, to present themselves with pride, to have a vision and belief for a greater future, raise self esteem and adhere to the values of British society.

Our curriculum intends that children are provided with the experiences and the tools which are necessary to develop resilience, pride and respect. We incentivize our children to embrace transition and go into the world prepared for a life as a contributory citizen.  We intend that all of our children feel safe, secure and nurtured in an environment where they can achieve, self-regulate and be healthy.

We recognize that challenging starting points require exposure to a breadth of opportunities across the curriculum which include having excellent role models, high expectations, targeted support, a love of education and a curiosity for learning without discrimination. We believe that all children should be represented and be able to feel a strong sense of identity and belonging in our school and community.

Valuing education and the meaning of education in their future is key to the success of our children and communities for their life chances, quality of experience, mental health, wellbeing and success.

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