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The Science curriculum is taught through a series of themes which draw on a number of skills. Through first hand experience, children learn to observe, collect and sort data, question, predict, experiment, record and interpret findings.                              
Science, enables children at Manor Oak Primary School to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through observation and investigation. Children work scientifically in a range of appropriate contexts, using a wide range of materials and equipment.  Investigation skills are the back bone of all Science lessons and the Forest School areas help provide first hand experiences.

Teachers plan using the Kent Primary Science Scheme of work which allows for clear progression in the key scientific knowledge and concepts from Year 1 to Year 6. Suitable tasks are presented to pupils to ensure access at appropriate levels. Children are given opportunities to work independently and as part of different sized co-operative groups. We provide activities that will enable the children to test their previously held ideas whilst developing a bank of skills and an understanding of the processes required.


There are many cross- curricular links in Science. For example with literacy (diaries, recounts, reports), computing skills, design technology and mathematics (through systematic recording, tally charts, measurements and charts and graphs). Where possible, we have linked Science to the class topic or our Power of Reading book.