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Reading Survey Results (2016) and reading at Manor Oak

Reading survey results and changes to how we teach your child to read

Thank you to all the children and parents who responded to our Reading Survey. You made some very positive and helpful comments at this time when we are evaluating the way we teach your children to read. As a result of your comments, the children’s comments and our evaluation, we are changing the way that we teach your children to read.

Here are the main changes:

  • ‘SFA’ will now be called ‘Reading lessons’ as the school is no longer following the SFA programme of study. Instead we are basing our phonics teaching on the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. All staff have then designed our own reading programme to teach reading in Keys Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 based on the national curriculum and what we feel the children of Manor Oak need.

  • Children will not be set according to ability. Therefore, children will not move between groups that are taught by different teachers throughout the year. All children will remain in their class group and the level of challenge will be differentiated accordingly. Be assured, your child will be challenged and undertake work that is appropriate to their level of reading. This allows the class teacher to have full knowledge of the help your child needs to progress as he/she will teach them ‘Reading’ the entire year.

  • Read and respond will carry on as normal. Please ensure your child reads at home every night and that their reading journal is signed. This regular reading will help your child’s progress.

  • These changes will begin after half term.

If you would like to discuss any of these changes and the thinking behind them, please come to speak to me after school on Monday 13th at 3.05p.m in the Year 5 classroom. Then in the Autumn term, we will hold some open mornings where parents will be able to come and watch the new reading lessons if you would like.


Below are the results of both surveys and the steps we are taking to continue to improve the way we teach your child how to read.

Children’s survey

  • 83% of children said that they enjoyed reading.

    We asked you your favourite ways to read so that can make sure we include them in our teaching of reading. The results are as follows:


  • I enjoy it when a teacher reads to me.

  • I enjoy reading to myself in my head.

  • I like to listen to stories on tapes or CDs.

  • I like to read books on the computer/ internet.

  • I enjoy partner reading.

Based on this information, all of these ways of reading will be included in our new reading lessons. We will also be fundraising at some point in the future to buy audio equipment so that when children read for pleasure, they will also be able to listen to stories.

  • When asking you about the books that we read at school, 77% said that they were interesting to read and 83% said that the books you read at home for ‘Read and Respond’ were interesting. Your favourite sorts of things to read were as follows:

  • Fiction books

  • Poetry

  • Comics

  • Magazines

  • Factual books

  • Websites

  • Newspapers

In September 2016, we will be buying lots of lovely new books for our reading lessons and our book corners. The children have already told us lots of the books that they would like us to buy. We have also made sure that lots of your favourite things to read are in the book corners of every classroom.

  • The reading for pleasure school library has been open for over a year now. 82% said that they visit the library during lunchtimes with 28% stating that they visit it ‘a lot’. 50% of children also said that they have visited a library outside of school at some point.

Keep it up, children! This is great! The library will also be used during reading lessons from now on when the children are given the opportunity to choose their own books to read and simply read for pleasure.

  • 88% of you think you are good readers. 87% of you also stated that you think your reading is getting better this year but 57% still thought they would benefit from more help with their reading.

The majority of children who said they would like ‘more help’ with their reading were younger children. Therefore, in KS1 every day in the afternoon for 30minutes, there will be at least 6 adults reading with the children. This means that every child, everyday will be heard reading and the strategies they are practising to help them progress in reading will be practised every day. If you would like to help listen to children read and could spare 30 minutes every afternoon, please contact the school, we would love to hear from you!

  • We asked you what might help you to read more. These were your top answers.

    I would read more if:

  • There were more books about things I am interested in.

  • I could borrow books from the school library.

  • My family encouraged me to read more.

  • I found it easier.

  • Someone read aloud to me.

As mentioned before, we are buying in lots more books and the children have put in their requests! Therefore, there will be more books about things they are interested in. In the future, we will look into setting up a system where books can be borrowed from the library. To help your child, you could encourage them to read and read stories aloud to them at night time.

Parental survey

  • What you think Manor Oak does well when teaching your child to read:

“She develops a thorough understanding of decoding.”

“They have a school library and reading records.”

“They really do have time for the kids. The teachers are really teaching the kids well.”

“That they have a variety of books to read and bring home, also they are changed often.”

“She enjoys reading eggs” (Literacy online homework)

“That he can go to the library at school. This is a very good thing.”

“You recognise when a child needs help and put strategies in place to help.”

“I like that they have read and respond to bring home.” This was mentioned by many parents who responded.

 “I feel that it is a good idea to allow children to read their own books like you do in years 4, 5 and 6.”

“Reading buddies is a good idea. My child is happy to read to others to help them learn. She just doesn’t like reading for herself.”

“I like that they read aloud to others in groups.”

“You make reading fun.”

Thank you for these comments. We are keeping the best of how we used to teach your child to read and so will continue to do the positive things mentioned above. For example, reading eggs will continue to run as reading homework, reading buddies will continue where children help each other to get better at reading and practise their strategies, the library will continue to be available for the children to use and read and respond is still a vital part of helping your child to progress.

  • 76% (22 parents) of parents who responded to the survey said that they would like to get more involved in reading related events and activities in school.

These have begun; parents were invited to ‘Phonics for reading and writing’ in Key stage 1 earlier in the year. As mentioned above, if you would like to help listen to children read at school then we would like to hear from you. Please contact the school to let us know.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Cresswell