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Phonics With Your Child



The children at Manor Oak learn to read using phonics.


Link: Oxford Owl 'Understanding Phonics'


When we speak we use 44 speech sounds. All of the words in English are made up of just 44 sounds. There are 24 consonant speech sounds and 20 vowel sounds.


We 'stretch' some speech sounds and 'bounce' other speech sounds.


Blending is putting sounds together to make words.

Segmenting is separating words into their sounds.


A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound.

A grapheme is the letter that shows the sound.


A two letter grapheme is called a 'digraph' e.g. ee ow ng. The children also call them 'special friends'.

A three letter grapheme is called a 'trigraph' e.g. igh are.

A split grapheme is when the two letters aren't next to each other e.g. in the words 'time', 'make', 'cube'.





Useful links for phonics


Alphablocks Click on the link for lots of games and phonics activities.