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Oakey Cokey Club

Welcome to the Oakey Cokey Club
A fun place to meet friends and have fun.


Before School Club takes place every day from 8am.
After School Club takes place everyday and sessions run from 3.05pm to 4.30 or 6.00pm

Booking your child into Oakey Cokey Club
For enquiries parents are able to contact Justine or Sally on 07958159405.
Bookings should preferably be made with 24 hours notice, however we try and be as flexible as we can.


Regarding payments Oakey Cokey Club accept cash, cheque, direct to our account or through childcare vouchers. A weekly invoice is issued by Sally to the parents to keep them up to date. We do encourage parents to pay for sessions in advance.
Children in Nursery
Children in Nursery have the same booking conditions as all the children within the school. Breakfast runs from 8am until 8.30am, the children then have School breakfast. Sally will then take Nursery children to their class, all other children are sent to their lines when the bell goes. For after school it has been arranged for the Nursery teacher to bring children to the after school club.
Collecting your child
Parents must collect their child from the main entrance of the school (through the car park) 


For parents;

- The Club Handbook, which gives information about the club and what goes on at the club and encompasses all that the parents would need to know.
- A Registration Form which is required to be completed by each child who attends the club.
- An 'All About Me' booklet, which is for children up to the age of 5 to complete


Christmas Holidays at the Oakey Cokey Club

Wednesday 20th Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December


Days packed full of fun and games for everyone.

Children can choose from a range of arts and crafts activities, physical sports & games, pretend play, cooking activities, computer games and fun fun fun …………



Why not come along and see what all the fuss is about…



Sessions run from 7.30am until 6pm each day, however other time sessions are available. Children will receive breakfast when booked in from 7.30am and a warm snack if they are staying until 6pm. Prices are dependant upon the length of time you wish your child to attend for

The club’s staff all have enhanced CRB police checks and are all chosen for their qualities in working with children
. A good high quality service for your children to enjoy; and it is good on the pocket too……… We are the cheapest in the borough




Why not come along for breakfast from 7.30am each morning; (toast with range of toppings, cereals, bagels, waffles, yoghurt, fruit)

Or stay for our evening snack after 4.30pm each day; (wraps, pitta, sandwiches, noodles, beans/ spaghetti on toast, crackers, bagels, pasta etc. all meals are served with a selection of fresh salad, ham, chicken, cheese. Vegetarian menu available on request) Children also have pudding (ice cream, yoghurt, jelly, fruit, mousse, cake & custard etc.)




Holiday Club Prices breakdown




7.30AM – 6PM - £21.00

Includes breakfast and evening snack


8am – 9am - £ 4.00

Includes breakfast


9am – 12pm - £7.00


12pm – 3pm - £7.00


3pm – 6pm - £9.00

Includes evening snack


8am – 6pm - £20.00

Includes breakfast and evening snack


9am – 3pm - £13.50



9am – 6pm - £19.50

Includes evening snack


8am – 4.30pm - £19.00

Includes breakfast


9am – 4.30pm - £18.50


Drinks are available throughout the day, also we offer a couple of break times during the day for the children where the children will be offered a selection of prepared fruit, and biscuits.




Christmas Oakey Cokey Club Flyer




Please find the forms and documents you need to join Oakey Cokey Club below.


OFSTED rated The Oakey Cokey Club as 'good'


Overall the quality of the provision is good.


"Children benefit from a safe and secure environment in which they learn and develop at a good pace. Staff's knowledge and skills help to provide children with a good range of activities which encourages them to become clear and critical thinkers and to extend their learning. Policies and procedures are well written; staff have a good knowledge of them. Records are generally well maintained and help to aid monitoring the effectiveness of the provision. The manager understands the importance of evaluating the provision to improve the services it provides to the children and to the parents."


The full OFSTED report is available below....