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Mathematics can give children a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world; these include logical reasoning, problem solving skills, and the ability to think in abstract ways. Mathematics is important in everyday family life and in most forms of employment.



By the time a child leaves our school at the end of Key Stage 2, we aim that he/she will:

  1. Have a positive attitude to Mathematics
  2. Have an in-depth understanding of the size of number and where it fits into the number system
  3. Have developed their logical, enquiring and thinking skills
  4. To be able to reason mathematically and solve word problems.
  5. To develop a range of strategies to perform mental calculations
  6. Be confident and competent enough to cope with the Key Stage 3 curriculum and with numeracy in the wider world.



At Manor Oak the children are taught Maths in their year groups for one hour each day. Maths is taught in a lively and engaging way and a variety of resources are used throughout the school. Teachers have been given Numicon training and this is regularly used within lessons. Children enjoy Maths and are encouraged to learn their times tables in order to achieve various certificates. We have fortnightly Percy Paker times table assemblies to help the children recall their times tables.

In Reception and Year 1 we are proud to be a Mathematics Mastery partner. This means that we are working alongside Mathematics Mastery to deliver a curriculum that is fun, engaging and has problem solving at the heart of every lesson. Please see the programmes of study below for both Reception and Year 1 which explain what will be taught in each term.

In Year 2, year 3 and year 4 the mathematics mastery objectives are being used to plan challenging and thought-provoking investigations with reasoning being integrated throughout. The children are invited to explain their understanding, to provide generalisations and to develop a systematic and logical approach to problem solving. Aspects of the 6 part lesson (as part of the Mathematics Mastery approach) are being used, including the talk task and extensive use of resources helps to scaffold understanding. In Year 5 and 6 an emphasis is on investigation and finding efficient methods in which to deepen their understanding. Hamilton trust objectives are being used to provide an outline for the content of lessons.



Homework is provided via Mathletics and your child’s teacher will advise you as to what day this homework will be sent out on. There are also opportunities to compete against other children from different countries and within their own class. 


Young Entrepreneurs
Following the success of the Fiver Challenge, the Young Entrepreneurs group has been set up to challenge and inspire our young mathematicians to think  more deeply about financial capability and using maths to help them make sound business decisions. This term we are looking at the possibility of purchasing a Polytunnel for the school. We are meeting each Thursday to look at the different options, work out the necessary area and perimeter and discuss subsequent cost. We will then consider possible ways of raising funds for such polytunnels.
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