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Forest School Year 6

Forest School


By Abigail, Adeola, Evelina and Fabiana.


Forest School is when we go outside into our school nature area and learn about things we can do outside.We build dens, dig in the mud pit and make craft out of natural materials. Sometimes we play class games such as a different version of ‘hide and seek’. A couple of times we even drank hot chocolate and ate smores. We go outside to Forest School once a week whatever the weather.
As well as having fun we learn about life skills and working as a group. We also learn about animals, especially insects, by looking at them through magnifying glasses and recognising the different parts of them.

Rules and Safety

The rules of Forest School are:

·         No pick no lick.

·         One, two, three, base camp means EVERYONE goes to sit on the logs.

We use these rules so we don’t have accident or get ill.

Bug Finders
In Forest School we often do bug finding and we search for little insects around the place such as worms, beetles and ants. Bug finding is a fun and exploring thing to do during forest school and you can find all sorts of creature’s you might have not known about, can also take a better look at the insects with a magnifying glass. During the night the nocturnal animals come out such as owls, foxes, birds and squirrels. During the day birds come out and we sometimes see them during forest school, we have even seen a nest in the tree! We also see butterflies! We see bright ones such as white and orange ones.

Occasionally in forest school we eat smores. Smores are two chocolate digestives or any chocolate covered biscuits with a biscuit bottom and in the middle of the biscuits put some marshmallows and as the marshmallows melt into the chocolate you eat them with pleasure and desire we also drink hot chocolate which is nice to have in forest school in once in a while.

In Forest School we play lots of fun games like ‘123 Where Are You’ (a different version of hide and seek). We also hunt for toys and throw hoops on a log. We play in the mud pit as well.

Pen Knives and Potato Peelers
In Forest School we use potato peelers and penknives to sharpen twigs. First we all had go sharpening twigs and then we advanced to using penknives. Some of us even carved our initials into a log.

Mrs Startup's comments... a fantastic webpage. You worked very well together as a team and listened to your editor. I like the mix of photographs you have found on the internet and photographs you have taken during forest school. You remembered the school guidelines about using images of pupils online.

Great hyperlinks- perfect for children and parents who have been inspired by your webpage. Your podcast adds a WOW factor.

Another time, when you edit your webpage, a few of you need to check it for editing. There are some missing words, missing punctuation.

A great job- well done!

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10/ 10

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17/ 20

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Interview with Miss Shambrook, forest school leader

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