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Enterprise at Manor Oak


At Manor Oak Primary School we recognise the importance of enterprise education and aim to create an enterprising ethos throughout the school. Enterprise is embedded in the whole school curriculum and ethos. Children are encouraged to participate in many aspects of school life through the pupil council, teaching and learning, pupil vote and pupil voice opportunities and working with and in the community.


We see enterprise as a way to foster and develop core skills in real situations; to promote education for citizenship; to enhance pupil’s personal and social development; to provide opportunities for pupils to make informed choices and decisions. Many of the school’s activities easily lend themselves to enterprise education.


An activity can be classed as enterprising by:

  • Having a real reason for it e.g. producing posters to raise awareness about need to recycle, making goods to sell at the Christmas Fair.

  • Children taking over-all responsibility for planning and decision making for the project e.g. organising a fundraising event for charity, putting on an assembly for parents.

    The teacher is the facilitator and is on hand to offer advice and guidance. The extent of teacher intervention will depend on the age/stage and previous experience of the children involved.




Through enterprise education we aim to:


  • Develop the core skills of communication, numeracy, literacy, problem-solving, using ICT and working with others.
  • Develop enterprising attitudes and skills through learning and teaching.

  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of the world of work.

  • Enhance personal and social development.

  • Form links with the wider community.

  • Foster and develop skills in citizenship.


    Possible Enterprise Activities

  • Events  (e.g. Christmas production, Year 6 production, Talent show)
  • Selling (e.g. Christmas fair, Summer fair)
  • Displays of Knowledge (e.g. Assemblies, display boards, website, art displays, PowerPoint presentations, homework projects)

  • Campaigns (e.g Poster making, recycling, healthy eating, road safety)
  • Careers Education (e.g. class discussions, links to jobs can be seen on long term plans)
  • Contact with outside agencies (e.g. Police, fire service)

  • Visit to businesses and industries (e.g. Trips and visit links on long term plans)

  • Community links  (e.g. Trips and visit links on long term plans)


    Through many enterprise activities the children will have the opportunity to develop their financial competence in a ‘real’ way. Enterprise education is also an important vehicle for developing career-related learning in Primary schools. It encourages an enterprising, ‘can do’ attitude and makes connections between school events/activities and ‘real life’. We aim to build and nurture the concept of enterprise throughout the school in order to fully equip the children with the skills, confidence, understanding and creativity needed for their future working life.

The Fiver Challenge


The Fiver Challenge is an entrepreneurial initiative created by Virgin Money. Each entrant is given £5 which they must turn into profit either individually, in pairs or as a group. This year we had 10 children from Year 1 - Year 6 and undertook activities such as a car wash, putting on a Skate, Scoot and Skip event and also putting on cake sale for the parents. We used our initial £50 to buy resources needed for each of the activities and we managed to make nearly £300 profit. We used this profit to help pay for Mathletics for our entire school!


Look out for our fundraising activities this year!