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Academies are required to make available on request a procedure for dealing with complaints by parents of pupils.

This procedure must comply with The Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2010 and must offer:-

  • an opportunity to resolve the complaint with the Academy on an informal basis for example through discussion with a senior member of staff;

  • a formal complaint stage when the complaint is made in writing, and

  • a hearing with a panel appointed by or on behalf of the Trust and consisting of at least three people who were not directly involved in the matters detailed in the complaint, one of whom must be independent of the management and running of the school.


Within the Nexus Education Schools Trust (NEST) each School has its own complaints policy. Each policy has been agreed with the school’s Local Committee and the Trust. Clear stages for complaints, and requirements, are given in each policy.

Where the academy-based complaints procedures have been completed and the complainant does not feel their complaint has been dealt with to their satisfaction by the academy they may contact the Multi Academy Trust in writing to request a review of the complaint investigation.

Generally the Multi Academy Trust will only look into complaint about academies that fall into the following two areas.


  1. The academy did not comply with its own complaints procedure when considering a complaint or the academy’s complaints procedure does not comply with statutory requirements.

    The Multi Academy Trust cannot review or overturn an academy’s decisions about complaints but will look at whether the academy considered the complaint appropriately. The Multi Academy Trust will generally only do this after a complaint has been through the academy’s own procedure but may investigate sooner if there is evidence of undue delays by the academy. If the Multi Academy Trust finds that an academy did not deal with a complaint appropriately it will request that the complaint is reconsidered. Similarly, if the academy’s complaints procedure does not meet statutory requirements then the Multi Academy Trust will ensure this is put right.


  2. The academy has failed to comply with a duty imposed under its funding agreement with the Secretary of State.

    The Multi Academy Trust will seek to resolve any concerns regarding potential or actual breaches of the funding agreement with the academy. The Multi Academy Trust will also consider evidence that an academy has failed to comply with any other legal obligation placed on it.


    Investigations will not usually take place 12 months or more after the decisions or action taken by the academy unless the complainant has good reason for the delay in making the complaint.


    The Multi Academy Trust reserve the right not to investigate complaints considered to be vexatious or malicious or where the Multi Academy Trust is satisfied with the action that the academy has already taken or proposes to take to resolve the complaint.


    Complaints regarding school procedures or related to the Multi Academy Trust should be in writing and addressed to:-


    P Chandler, Chair of Trustees

    C/o Worsley Bridge Primary School, Brackley Road, Beckenham, BR3 1RF


    Where the complaint is regarding the Chair of Trustees, please write to:-


    S Dossetter, Company Secretary

    C/o Worsley Bridge Primary School, Brackley Road, Beckenham BR3 1RF



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