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If your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please call 01689828099 first thing in the morning to report their absence. All parents need to ring every day of their child's absence to keep the school up to date.


If your child has an appointment, parents need to provide a copy of an appointment letter in advance. Please provide details, so the child's absence isn't unauthorised.



Values: ‘Central to raising standards in education and ensuring all pupils can fulfill their potential. All pupils need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education. Missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. Children with excellent attendance tend to achieve more in both primary and secondary school’. At Manor Oak we expect the highest attendance and punctuality from all pupils, at all times. We support pupils and their families to ensure that excellent attendance is achieved. Attendance must be no less than 95% to reach expectations and at Manor Oak, we are continuously working towards our goal of 100% attendance for all pupils.

To promote outstanding attendance, the children receive weekly, termly and annual rewards for attendance and punctuality.



Weekly Celebration Assemblies


Attendance is celebrated every Friday where pupils receive a sticker and treat for 100% attendance and punctuality. The sticker is located on a chart outside their classroom. The class with the highest weekly attendance/punctuality receive Attendance Trophy in assembly and their success is announced in a fortnightly attendance newsletter. Classes receive extra break time if all classes achieve 95%+ attendance. At the end of each term pupils who achieve more than 95% attendance for that term are rewarded in a whole school celebration. Children with 100% attendance receive an additional reward.



Mrs Gastor is our Attendance Assistant, who you can contact for advice and support.

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