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Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process and at Manor Oak we use it for the following purposes:


•  To monitor progress and support learning

•  To recognise the achievements of pupils and identify any areas of development

•  To inform pupils of their progress and next steps

•  To guide planning, teaching, additional support, curriculum development and resources

•  To inform parents and the wider community of pupil achievement

•  To provide information to ensure continuity when the pupil changes school or year group

•  To comply with statutory requirements


Assessment and the Curriculum


As an assessment system should reflect the curriculum aims of a school, the assessment systems that we use (STAT Sheffield and Classroom Monitor) have been adapted for our goals.  Our curriculum philosophy is one of ensuring that children become secure in their age-appropriate knowledge and skills before applying these in broader contexts in order to develop their higher order thinking skills.  The profile of a typical child entering a year group will show a child entering the year group, beginning to understand the skills and knowledge involved, before developing these further.  When the skills are judged to embedded, being able to use the knowledge and skills in different contexts and some time after teaching, the child will be rated as secure in those year expectations.  The child will then be given opportunity to investigate and apply the skills that they have learnt in greater depth and breadth, using higher order thinking skills.



Some children will, of course, learn skills and knowledge that meet higher years’ goals.  This should be welcomed, valued and encouraged.  This, however, is not being recorded by this assessment system.  It would be likely that these children will make quicker strides through the stages when moving up to the next year.


Types of assessment:



Formative assessment provides ongoing feedback between the children and teacher so that learning can be improved and accelerated.  Formative assessment is the feedback that the teacher and student offer and it is presented using a variety written and verbal formats.   This allows the teacher to understand what learning has taken place, which in turn will affect future planning, and the child to understand the next steps in their learning.



Summative assessment provides a ‘snapshot’ of what a child can do at any particular time. These ‘snapshots’ are obtained by whole school testing, and the data compared to statutory guidelines. Interventions and targets are then decided in pupil progress meetings. Results of tests can be shared with parents on a term by term basis to inform their understanding of their child’s progress and where there child is positioned. National Assessment tests are carried out at the end of Year 1, 2 and 6 and other summative assessments are used each term by staff to inform teacher assessments.  Assessment Data is provided to parents at the end of the year.


Marking and Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of the assessment process, both getting feedback from the children to assess by and giving feedback to the children which will enable them to make better progress.  The principles and expectations of Marking and Feedback are set out in a separate policy. 

2016 Year 6 Assessments


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