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Art Week 2016

Around the world


This year we are thinking about Cultural diversity and in particular, the wealth of languages and nationalities that we have within our school. Each class will be given a country/continent to learn about and create work in relation to. These are detailed below:


Nursery - Great Britain

Reception  - Slovakia

Year 1 - China

Year 2 - Lithuania

Year 3 - Portugal

Year 4 - Russia

Year 5 - Nigeria

Year 6 - Pakistan


On Thursday 20th October we will be having a dress up day to celebrate all the different cultures and nationalities within our school. Please come in anything to represent your chosen country or traditional dress. This could include: colours of their national flag, a famous person from that country or traditional dress.

At lunchtime, we will be having specially cooked cultural themed food and additionally it would be fantastic, if you have any cultural recipes that you would like to prepare and send  in with your child in order that the children can taste and experience different foods. Please could you ensure however that the food does not contain nuts.