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Consultation on proposed admission arrangements

Primary  Admissions 2017/2018


A child should by law be attending school at the beginning of the term following his/her 5th birthday.


In year transfers


Please contact Bromley council regarding in year school transfer.




Applications for a Reception Place

Making an application

Online applications for Bromley residents for reception places in September 2018, are available at Applications can be made from 1 September 2017.

Online applications will only be processed when proof of address and parental responsibility have been received by the Admissions Team. Please see the following terms and conditions; Bromley resident parent/carer/s should complete all sections of the Bromley application form for the relevant application process.

Only applications from a person who is legally responsible for the applicant child will be accepted. If a child does not live with their parent/s and is looked after by relatives, documentary evidence such as a will or court order are required as proof that the relatives are the child’s legal guardians. Private fostering arrangements must be registered with Bromley Children’s Social Care

In cases of parents living separately but with a shared care arrangement, the child’s principal address must be used. A residence order and other legal documents will be required. Bromley will only accept the permanent home address of the parent/carer who is in receipt of or registered for Child Benefit. .

If parents are unable to make an online application (for example, your preferences are outside the London area), paper forms are available on special request from the Admissions Team or the school office.

Bromley Admissions process all school applications for London Borough of Bromley residents. Parents cannot apply directly to schools. If parents live outside the London Borough of Bromley, they must apply to the local council, even if parents want to apply for a Bromley school. Parents can however include Bromley schools on your home local authority application.

Bromley residents should apply online at



Key dates

The closing date for applications for places in September 2018 is Monday 15 January 2018.

September 2017 Online application system for Bromley residents available via from 1 September


End February 2018 Letter sent to Bromley borough applicants to confirm the application address,

schools applied for and order of preference as entered on the admissions



Monday 16 April 2018 National Offer Day. Offer letters posted 1st class.

Notification of offer email sent to online applicants from 5.30pm

Bromley resident applicants, accepted as on time, will be mailed (by first class post) an offer of a single school place on 16 April 2018. Notification of offer email will be sent to online applicants from 5.30pm.


Over Subscription Criteria 2017-2018

Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied.

  1. Looked After Children (LAC) – Children in public care

2. In exceptional circumstances there is discretion to admit a child on the grounds of their or their family’s acute medical and social need for their first preference below. Applications must have been made by January 2018 using the registration form for consideration under medical or social needs; available below. 

3. Siblings – children with a brother or sister currently attending the school and who will still be attending the school at the beginning of their first term.

4. Proximity – distance as measured in a straight line from the front door of the home to the front door of the school.


You can view or download the Starting primary education in Bromley leaflet and booklet.  Copies are available from the School Office.




Starting Primary School in Bromley 2017-18

Admission Appeals